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Name: Mike Roberts
E-Mail: mroberts_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State: Tyler, TX
Home Page:
Date: Wed Jul 28 21:59:27 2004
How you found us: Word of mouth
Friend of mine told me about the wing. Nice web site, hope to make it by the wing one of these days.
Name: Eric McMillan
E-Mail: ecm9212_AT_hotmail_DoT_com
City/State: Barstow, CA
Home Page:
Date: Fri Jul 16 00:25:48 2004
How you found us: Search engine (yahoo, altavista, etc.)
I love the old warbirds and I'm glad to see there are still groups of people out there who are maintaining an restoring them. My grandfather died during the bombing of Pearl Harbor so everything you do helps keep alive the memory of what we sacrificed and what we continue to sacrifice to preserve the American Way. God Bless. Regards, Eric.
Name: John Miller
City/State: Dallas, TX
Home Page:
Date: Fri Jul 2 09:54:54 2004
How you found us: I came from the CAF website
Great web site! You guys have a ouple of great little Stearmans there too. Good job!

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